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Entry 01: Introduction to Lei Music, etc.


Entry 02: Daosing, Pebble Networks, etc.


Entry 03: Sylph Fossil development, proto-builds, etc.


Entry 04: A new expedition, communication with the Big Protectors, etc.


Entry 05: Lei Line Eon - Disk by Disk.


After spending the last year & a half dedicated to tracing the sprawling history of a phenomenon called Lei Music - I decided to formalise my fixation on the field by founding a research facility called the Glyph Institute². In the following months I will be publishing my experiments, analysis, and best attempts to elucidate the questions that have always eclipsed any formal understanding of Lei Music. Comprised of a tangled nexus of folklore, geology, sound technology and ever-diverging historic accounts - Lei Music’s questions seem eternally shrouded by a dense blur.

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